Transforming businesses, alongside our clients

4C True Partnering

Building true partnerships to deliver sustainable change is our passion at 4C. The depth of our experience in implementation means that we believe that this is the only way to succeed in realising the full value of change and, above all, making it stick. That’s why our services are based on building deep understanding, trust and transparency with our clients and delivering through co-creation and collaboration. A philosophy we refer to as True Partnering.

True Partnering extends beyond traditional consultancy and advisory services, and instead manifests in a more collaborative, integrated and supportive relationship that delivers durable outcomes.

True Partnering Principles

There are some fundamental principles of our True Partnering approach that underpin how we work with our clients to achieve their goals.

Building a deep understanding of a business is the foundation of implementing successful and sustainable change. 4C will partner closely with you in order to gain the insights and an understanding of the true nature of your circumstances, then together we will co-create an approach tailored to suit the needs of your organisation.

Organisations are complex.  Their characteristics are unique and context dependent which means that the solutions that bring about sustainable change are too. Building on our understanding of your business we will help you learn more about your own organisation, identify and reveal your key change needs and priorities aligned with your company goals, and then work with you to co-create a structured path to success.

Our tailored support helps you move through change with the right objectives, resources, structure and deliverables to achieve success at a pace that your company can absorb and which, crucially, remains in balance with your business-as-usual organisational demands.

Having certainty amongst the complexity of change is essential for leaders, programme managers and decision makers to remain focused on delivering the value intended for your change. Certainty gives you the confidence that you are making the right decisions at the right time with the right information and that these will clearly lead to your change and business goals.

Our rigorous performance management approach enables you to remain in control of your change at all times during implementation. We provide you with the tools, mechanisms and support for the behaviours that underpin success and ensure your resources are focused on the delivery of the programme and its outcomes at all times.

This includes our bespoke change management tool, which provides a complete overview of your programme, helps leaders remain connected with the change, and brings clarity to all activities to support timely decision making.

We partner closely with personnel from the CEO and senior leaders right down through your organisation to those delivering the change. Relationships and mutual trust enable us to support your implementation effectively and navigate and respond to the emerging challenges and dynamics of transformation together. We are always there supporting, coaching and sharing our expertise with those directly implementing the change to keep it on track, and to remain aligned with senior leadership’s intent to deliver the right vision, direction and approach for the organisation as the change evolves.

One of our most important principles is that we don’t create dependencies on us or other external parties. We build your knowledge, internal capacities and competencies so you can confidently implement change. Our goal is to ensure the skills, tools and techniques on how to implement change are retained and sit organically within your organisation so you are equipped for today and the future.

Change programmes are costly and difficult to implement. We provide complete transparency on Return on Investment (ROI) which is trackable throughout the duration of the programme so that you always know the value that the change and 4CUK are delivering. We only succeed if you do.

Every one of our team is an expert in their area with many years, often decades, of experience at the forefront of industries. Our experts have succeeded time and again in their discipline across complex change programmes. For any programme you get a team of these highly experienced professionals tailored exactly to your specific transformational and organisational needs. And they are right there with you day-to-day, step-by-step of your journey.

Our teams always come with the right mix of business, technical, transformational and behavioural experts to ensure that all elements of change are addressed and supported. Our approach is always to address both the technical and behavioural elements of change together – a shift in the structural and organisational elements of your business will always be supported by new behaviours and ways of working. This is the only way that change sticks.