A business turnaround is necessary in situations where an organisation or business unit is loss-making, facing persistent underperformance, or experiencing an incident that threatens its fundamental existence or viability, such as the withdrawal of a license to operate.

Businesses will often undertake ad hoc change initiatives in response to a crisis to address the immediate issues but these can frequently fail to be fully adopted or change the critical fundamentals of an organisation. Focusing on these often provides temporary relief but does not address the underlying issues that enable organisations to realise and deliver sustainable changes in business performance. ​

​Fundamental structural, technical and behavioural issues will be driving the crisis but will not likely be identified, visible or understood.

How we can help

Rapidly Returning Your Business to Stability & Profitability

4C helps organisations to achieve rapid business turnaround and stabilisation, empowering clients and their people to implement successful change that is effective and sustainable. We establish your underpinning performance situation, identify and understand the root causes driving your loss of value, and help you to implement a quick turnaround of the organisation through a business recovery strategy.

We tailor our support to your specific organisational needs and work directly with your senior leaders and employees supporting and coaching them through the challenging journey of implementing change successfully. As well as providing a designated team, with relevant experience in your industry, all our projects are enabled by our bespoke change management tool, which keeps your programme always on track and gives you certainty in your outcomes.

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4C Approach

  • We look at how well your organisation’s resources are aligned to deliver business value and achieve strategic objectives
  • Identifying and revealing the root causes driving your loss of value
  • Facilitating the creation of a business case to achieve the fast delivery of financial results to stabilise the business quickly
  • Testing the strength of your vision and the effectiveness of your business alignment to your strategic intent and objectives
  • Understanding and addressing your technical performance and how your systems and processes assist or detract from the performance management of achieving your business goals and targets
  • Assessing, understanding, and addressing how your ways of working and organisational culture assist or detract from the achieving your business goals and targets.

If you’re facing persistent challenges in your organisation or your change programmes keep underperforming, contact us today to see how we can help.