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Bespoke software that puts you in control of Business Change

TMT is the proprietary change management tool used by 4C to deliver change programmes from beginning to end. TMT reduces the complexity of change and provides certainty of progress and delivery throughout programme implementation so that leaders can realise the full value of change intended for their business.

The TMT platform brings together all key elements of a programme into one secure system, providing leaders with one version of the truth and delivering complete transparency of performance in real-time. As a centralised hub it provides a holistic overview of a programme and allows organisations to manage their entire change landscape, no matter how large or complex.

TMT can be tailored to an organisation’s exact change programme requirements and is always accompanied by 4C training and coaching. This is focused not only on how to use the system itself, but also on the opportunities and synergies that working in a new way can bring any organisation. This way, TMT embeds seamlessly into your day-to-day operating rhythm and you can realise its full benefits.

TMT is the only tool of its kind that addresses the human elements of implementing change, including the limits of human capacity within complex environments, through its unique system components and working methodology, which have been developed and refined over many years of programme success.


TMT is simple, intuitive and easy to use and makes a dramatic difference to the success and effectiveness of any business change.


  • Ensures change programmes realise their full value and deliver the outcomes intended
  • Focuses leaders on the value being generated throughout a transformation and not just a series of unlinked activities taking place
  • Enables timely intervention to prevent a programme going off track or failing to deliver against its targets and agreed outcomes


Decision Making

  • Provides one version of the truth supporting timely decision making
  • Provides a complete overview of any programme in one easy, accessible platform
  • Enables leaders to make better, more informed and timely decision making based on up-to-date real-time information. The system generates situational awareness of the full programme environment enabling expert direction of resources, a focus on priorities, awareness of risks, and exploitation of opportunities to achieve the best value outcomes
  • Forward looking for planning and resource allocation. It prevents the programme overwhelming coordinators and leaders, or unconscious programme slippage
  • Allows the team to focus on what needs attention amongst the complexity of change
  • Provides instantaneous escalation of issues for leadership attention when problems emerge that threaten programme delivery, enabling timely intervention and decision making to support issue resolution



  • All information in one place – brings all elements of a programme together
  • Full transparency gives certainty of programme progress
  • Enables owners to create, plan, and track progress through implementation, stimulating ownership and managing accountability for delivery and deadlines
  • Drives efficient and structured programme meetings targeting key priorities, actions and outcomes, avoids wasted time and raises productivity
  • Provides multiple layers of programme detail so that the change team can always work with the right level of information
  • Enables early issue identification to head off problems and optimise activities and resource allocation


  • Secure database
  • Easy to access web application
  • Intuitive dashboards, displays and filters
  • Customisable to programme requirements
  • All programme information and documents easy to access
  • Fully automated, instantaneous reporting eliminates the administrative burden of change programmes
  • Consistent reporting templates allowing like-for-like comparison on programme and initiative progress
  • Accessible across all devices

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