Mergers & Acquisitions (M&As) are an important strategy for market expansion and growth. Along with such sizable opportunities, comes risk. M&As bring about significant and complex change, which needs to be managed correctly to achieve sustainable and profitable results. 

Due diligence is an essential component of the M&A process but the reality of organisational integration in practice is often very different to what had been anticipated or planned for. Frequently M&As do not realise their true value as they are led only by technical and legal drivers coordinated by parties different from those responsible for realising the value in the new business. 

The extent of change required when two companies come together and how implementation will be achieved in practice are often overlooked or not well understood. Pre-M&A cultural assessments and organisational cultural integration are usually not supported by traditional M&A processes. The risks of long-term failure or underperformance of the merger are high if an organisation is not geared to rapidly and sustainably realise business value from the beginning. Half of M&As do not generate the value they initially identified.

How we can help

Realising the Full Value of M&As

4CUK helps organisations to manage and implement their M&A strategies more effectively and to realise their full value. We work with the M&A team within your organisation to ensure the merger is delivered from both a technical perspective and that organisational and cultural integration, areas that often cause M&As to fail or underperform long-term, succeed. We put you in a position where your new organisation is ready to deliver the full potential of business value from day one. 

We do this through our partnership methodology tailoring our support to your specific organisational needs. We work directly with senior leaders, decision makers and employees to support day-to-day delivery of your change programme while building your internal capabilities to put you firmly in control of your integration programme. 

As well as providing a designated team, with relevant experience in your industry, all our projects are enabled by our bespoke change management tool, which keeps your programme always on track and gives you certainty in your outcomes. 

4CUK Approach

  • Working directly with your due diligence teams 
  • Joining you throughout the integration journey 
  • Engaging all businesses involved in the M&A in a business integration process 
  • Facilitating alignment on business metrics to ensure value is understood and not lost during integration 
  • Supporting vision creation and common ground between businesses to determine similarities, overlaps and differences that may impact performance 
  • Focusing both on economic (technical) and organisational (adaptive, behavioural) change 
  • Reducing the cycle time of the business integration to value realisation, building organisation capability for future activity so that you start delivering the full value of the merger to the business from the start

If you want to realise the full value of your M&A, contact us today to see how we can help.