Redesigning a uk strategy for business optimisation and future markets

Business Strategy


Our client is a large multinational conglomerate in transport infrastructure. The company has multiple business units in the UK and globally that provide various services across the sector. The historic structure of the organisation created complexity within their offering which meant that the conglomerate sometimes found itself bidding multiple times for the same contract (with different offerings) and from different perspectives without all the parts knowing it. This wasted significant internal resources, sometimes undermined credibility and client relations and was a lost opportunity to optimise internal value.


The client saw this as an opportunity to rationalise and modernise its business. Taking a holistic view that its business be based on global processes rather than geographically defined areas, the client engaged our team to help it develop a long-term strategy and its capabilities to ensure it remained competitive and adapted to future market environments, while optimising and maximising the benefits of its service offerings.


We conducted a wide-ranging business and market review. This went across its UK business units to establish their distinct offerings and competencies, and to map out areas of strengths and weaknesses. Market analysis was undertaken into how each of the client’s various offerings connected to customers, competitors, and emerging trends and technologies. This enabled us to develop a strategic view of where the market was heading in the long-term. Against this we analysed where and how the client would be able to position itself and perform going forward on a year-by-year basis within the context of its existing business.

In response, our team developed a strategy that would enable the client to meet the evolving demands of the future market. We identified a holistic and partnership approach that utilised the competitive advantages of the different business units to improve the client’s overall offering to the market and enhance its long-term position. The result was that it increased the opportunities for the client and reduced the risk of business failure in the future. A detailed change initiative and implementation strategy was developed to deliver the transformation within the client’s organisation that is fundamental to the successful repositioning of the business.


The client gained a clear insight into its future market and the relative competitiveness of its existing business. we helped the client understand the reorientation of strategy and organisational transformation required to adapt and survive the future changes of its industry. The strategy was developed in a way that created a clear connection for the client between it and the practical change implementation initiatives required for it to achieve the desired future business state, and realise the full value of the change. The client is in the process of building the case for change internally and preparing the organisation for transformation.

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